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Welcome to the Bug Tracking System for the Win-Test contest logger. Things to note :

Feel free to report any bugs, however minor. To improve efficiency, please try to be as accurate as possible.

Please don't ask for feature requests here but on the mailing list.

Thanks for your help. Olivier F5MZN and Laurent F6FVY

ID Task Type Category   Severity Summary Status Progress
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305 Bug Report Other SO2R controllers High Using Winkey, REPEAT mode, and Plain pile-up, pressing Esc leaves headphones on wrong radio Unconfirmed 0% complete
322 Bug Report Others High $FREQS, $FREQnn not working in RTTY mode, sending "0.0" or blank Unconfirmed 0% complete
119 Feature Request Others Low PTT delay in TUNE mode Assigned 0% complete
180 Bug Report Others Low wtDxTelnet - File, Exit doesn't close program. Assigned 0% complete
159 Bug Report Radios Critical Incorrect Frequencies when split, Grab Spot and ALT-F4 Requires testing 90% complete
260 Bug Report Radios High Frequency data out of synch with radio after a time, Elecraft K3, FT-1000MP (IC-746Pro) Waiting on Customer 0% complete
26 Feature Request Radios Medium Set frequency to other vfos Assigned 0% complete
237 Bug Report Radios Medium mode change when clicking on bandmap Unconfirmed 0% complete
276 Bug Report Radios Medium IC-7600 Split & S/P update Bandmap when QSY Unconfirmed 0% complete
277 Bug Report Radios Medium ALT-F3 does not work with IC-7600 & split Unconfirmed 0% complete
299 Bug Report Radios Medium Using OmniRig with MK2R+, two Elecraft K3s, Ctrl-S command not working properly. Unconfirmed 0% complete
326 Bug Report Radios Medium Elecraft K3 gets set to wrong sideband after Alt-F1 cycle through bands Unconfirmed 0% complete
376 Bug Report Radios Medium Pass freq to SUB VFO for Icom IC-7851 changes SubRx CW Filter Width Unconfirmed 0% complete
68 Feature Request Radios Low JST-245 Control by WT Assigned 0% complete
136 Bug Report Radios Low FT1000MP with Microham Keyer Unconfirmed 0% complete
161 Bug Report Radios Low no QSX on Spotting with ALT-F3 with Kenwood Unconfirmed 0% complete
335 Bug Report Radios Low omnirig Unconfirmed 0% complete
332 Bug Report Rate wnd (Alt-R) Medium WAEDC QTCs being ignored for rate calcuations Unconfirmed 0% complete
91 Feature Request Rate wnd (Alt-R) Low Implement a CQ incremental counter Unconfirmed 0% complete
301 Bug Report Rules Critical ARRL 10 Meter Contest Rules Change (Added Multipliers) Unconfirmed 0% complete