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Welcome to the Bug Tracking System for the Win-Test contest logger. Things to note :

Feel free to report any bugs, however minor. To improve efficiency, please try to be as accurate as possible.

Please don't ask for feature requests here but on the mailing list.

Thanks for your help. Olivier F5MZN and Laurent F6FVY

ID Task Type Category Severity   Summary Status Progress
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Forward
110 Feature Request Gab wnd (Alt-I) Very Low Word Wrap in GAP window Unconfirmed 0% complete
143 Bug Report General Very Low QTC deletes get not properly synchronized Unconfirmed 0% complete
341 Bug Report General Very Low Message in backup window (when using LGS export) Unconfirmed 0% complete
381 Bug Report Statistics wnd (Ctrl-F9) Very Low Stats window time offset when starting contest late Unconfirmed 0% complete
31 Feature Request General Low IOTA: show the possible references New 0% complete
9 Feature Request Bandmaps wnd (Alt-1/2) Low Band Dn/Band Up in bandmaps Unconfirmed 0% complete
10 Feature Request User Interface Low Skip Active Band Assigned 0% complete
20 Feature Request General Low Call Validy Checking functionality Unconfirmed 0% complete
27 Feature Request User Interface Low Tail enders Unconfirmed 0% complete
42 Feature Request General Low CQWW M/S 10 minutes rules Unconfirmed 0% complete
64 Feature Request Main wnd (log) Low Adding new IOTA Notification under entry line Unconfirmed 0% complete
68 Feature Request Radios Low JST-245 Control by WT Assigned 0% complete
70 Feature Request DX cluster spots (Alt-A) Low ALT+A : Sorting spots by frequency Unconfirmed 0% complete
91 Feature Request Rate wnd (Alt-R) Low Implement a CQ incremental counter Unconfirmed 0% complete
99 Feature Request General Low QTC RX - ALT-C for more Messages woudl be handy Assigned 0% complete
104 Feature Request General Low Required before adopting Unconfirmed 0% complete
106 Feature Request Bandmaps wnd (Alt-1/2) Low Hide Dupes only if no QTCs possible in Bandmap List Unconfirmed 0% complete
111 Feature Request Status wnd (Alt-J) Low running mark in status window, color codes Unconfirmed 0% complete
112 Feature Request User Interface Low automatically setting QSY freq Unconfirmed 0% complete
113 Feature Request Main wnd (log) Low insert mode in RST window Unconfirmed 0% complete