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Task #78 — Improved Multiplier status text functionality

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Opened by Marko Holmavuo (OH4JFN) - Monday, 31 Oct 2005, 7:35am
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Now the New Mult or equivalent text under log window doesn\'t give enough information for operator. At least in my WT installation it only shows what is the multiplier status of current callsign in current band.

For example in CQWW it is too hard to do multiplier sweep and try to decide when that callsign is needed in some otherband. You have to write the call in, check the country multiplier window and after that the zone window. After you have found all detailed information it takes a lot of time...and if it is not new multiplier it is wasted time. This is real pain for Single-Op!

Enchanged functionality proposal:

Red text in bottom of the log window shows new mult only when the qso is only new mult in current band. It would help a lot if there would be an option to change the functionality so, that the status text would include some information when the qso is needed dxcc mult, zone what ever in some other band also.

There are couple of easy options: -If the qso is new multiplier in that current band, status text would be: new mult or what ever

-If qso is new multiplier in some OTHER BAND, the status text could be for example: \"NEEDED MULT\". After that it operator can decide if to check when that qso would be needed.

-If the qso is new multiplier in that band + also in some other band the text would: \"NEW+NEEDED MULT\" or something like that, so operator would know that when working that qso, ask also qsy to some other band where that multiplier is needed.

This way it doesn\'t need much more characters, e.g DUPE status text messages has much more character than required for this kind of status text functionality.

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Comment by Ben - Thursday, 8 Dec 2005, 11:13pm

I think this would create too much \"psychological\" noise. Who cares in the middle of the day, if you still miss that BY on 160? Many of these messages would be useless which will lead to ignoring them completely after a while.

My advice: Keep an eye on the Check Multiplier Window (F10) while you run and that\'s enough. If it\'s a new zone, in 99% of the cases it will also be a new country, so you don\'t need the zone window (except for z19).