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Task #58 — Waedc rx QTCs

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Opened by Philippe Nouchi (f6ify) - Thursday, 21 Jul 2005, 6:18pm
Feature Request
F5MZN (f5mzn)
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During reception of QTC, It would be nice if : alt+1 could send in CW \"nr 1 agn\" Alt+2 ------------------nr 2 agn ...etc... 10 agn

Sometime, we think to have all QTCs at the end and remark than something is in red, so this feature above would be very usefull. Alt+x is just an example ctr+x or ALtGr+x is ok. 73 de Philippe - F6IFY

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Comment by Philippe Nouchi - Saturday, 23 Jul 2005, 1:17pm

Of course the same command, from the DX side, might send again the corresponding QTC. This feature will be be really usefull in RTTY, but handy in CW. 73 - Philippe

Comment by F5MZN - Monday, 25 Jul 2005, 9:13am

Hi Philippe,

I have 2 problems:

  • \"nr 1 agn\": is \"nr\" for \"QTC number\" or for \"Serial number\"? I\'m afraid it can be very confusing!

  • if you received the QTC in two times (or even more), when you press ALT + 1, do you except to ask for the first QTC of the 10s, or to ask for the first QTC of the current serie?

73 de f5mzn

Comment by Philippe Nouchi - Monday, 25 Jul 2005, 10:46am

Hello Olivier,

1st point: \"nr x agn\" is to ask the dx station to repeat all the corresponding QTC : time - call - serial number

2nd point: ALT+1 is the first QTC of the current QTC group and not the first of the ten (I am not sure other contest program can do that and all must be ok of the old serie)

Maybe an other command to ask the QTC number (nr/gr) is handy to have (QTC NR?), but in this case F5 (NR?) is ok at the beginning and migth be enough. I prefer a message with \"QSL nr/gr TU\" at the end (F6) Hoping the dx station reacts if it is not correct.

73 - Philippe F6IFY

Comment by Christian Janssen - Sunday, 31 Jul 2005, 2:23pm

Hi all,

it should work in that way that when a QTC is not completly received then the EU station should ask immediately with \"agn\" or \"qtc agn\". No need for numbering.

When you see at the end of the QTC series there is something missing you have to \"talk\" to the DX station, so use your paddles or the keyboard function.

Vy 73s de Chris DL1MGB

Comment by Bob I2WIJ - Wednesday, 3 Aug 2005, 9:48am

I think it is confusing. Only ask for a fill or a full repeat at each QTC time; at the end of the group you have to use ur keyboard or paddle.

I would like the QSL key as \"QSL gr/nr TU\" as also suggested before. vy 73 Bob I2WIJ

Comment by Philippe Nouchi - Wednesday, 3 Aug 2005, 4:10pm

Chris is right: this feature is not really usefull for CW, I have also a keyer connected. But, when WinTest support RTTY it will be asked by all users. No doubt I will check the screen after each QTC and my \"R\" will be delayed by one second. Usually I type with the eyes on my keyboard, it is the reason why I remark the typing errors at the end.

For Bob, the $GRNR works and is implemented in version 2.19.1Beta. Here a part of my wt.ini [QTC] CwRxF1=QTC? CwRxF2=QRV CwRxF3=TIME? CwRxF4=CL? CwRxF5=NR? CwRxF6=QSL $GRNR CwRxCR=R CwRxPlus=TU CwRx QTC=QTC? CwRx QRV=QRV CwRx TIME=TIME? CwRx CL=CL? CwRx NR=NR? CwRx AGN=AGN CwRx QSL gr/nr=QSL $GRNR CwTx QSL ALL=F6IFY CwRx CR=R CwRx TU=QSL $GRNR TU

Remark mycall in F10 because some stn asks CL? when I ask QTC? (of course, not after a 1st complete QSO). It replace the QSL ALL not usefull now with PLUS : QSL $GRNR TU (no need to send F9 then PLUS)

73 Philippe - F6IFY

Comment by Philippe Nouchi - Wednesday, 17 Aug 2005, 10:50am

Hi, I think you can close this one. This feature will be usefull for RTTY. No problem to live without it during this WAE CW. Congrats for version 2.19.2-beta: not seen any glitches during this one, with two networked PC. WT is great! 73 - Philippe / F6IFY PS: Why my last comment is in big font? ;-)