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Task #371 — Advanced SO2R Scenarios don't switch immediately in Mixed mode contests

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Friday, 18 Mar 2016, 11:36pm
Bug Report
Secondary radio wnd
Current WT-4.x
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WT 4.20

Win-Test doesn't switch Advanced SO2R scenarios between phone and CW in mixed mode contests until you log a QSO on that mode.

  1. Create a new log for a MIXED Mode contest such as the RDXC
  2. Enable Operating | Technique | Advanced SO2R
  3. Enable CapsLock Binds to the Secondary Radio
  4. Operating | Modify the Scenarios
  5. Load a CW scenario such as Plain Pileup and name it CW Plain
  6. Click OK to close the dialog
  7. Type SSB [Enter] in the logging window to switch to SSB mode
  8. Operating | Modify the Scenarios
  9. Load an SSB scenario such as Plain Pileup and name it SSB Plain
  10. Click OK to close the dialog
  11. Press CapsLock to switch to the secondary radio window
  12. Type SSB [Enter] to switch the secondary radio to SSB mode
  13. Bug: scenario name doesn't change to "SSB Plain"
  14. Double click on SSB plain and you are still editing the CW Scenario
  15. Log an SSB QSO in secondary radio window and scenario name changes (OK)
  16. Type CW [Enter] in both primary and secondary radio windows
  17. Bug: scenario name doesn't change to "CW Plain"

It's difficult to know what to display if Main is on SSB and Secondary is on CW, but if BOTH windows are in the same mode the displayed scenario should match the mode.

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