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Task #366 — Worked All Germany: Help text missing, $DOK variable not working, >5-char exchange not supported

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Tuesday, 20 Oct 2015, 2:25am
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

Found in WT 4.19, reported by DK9VZ:

  1. Select File | New, Contest type: Worked All Germany Contest, Mode: CW
  2. BUG 1: In the Contest Configuration dialog, the [?] at top right corner is disabled; clicking it should prompt: "German stations enter DOK district, others leave blank." If you leave it blank and click [OK], nothing happens, no messages, dialog doesn't close (it should display the same prompt). You have to enter something there like "DX".
  3. Enter a German callsign and a district no. like "F43" and click [OK]
  4. Type MSGS enter
  5. Note that for German stations, the F2 messages of a new log is preset to $SETEXCHSENT ++$RST-- $DOK (which is OK)
  6. Click [OK]
  7. Type a callsign and press Insert
  8. BUG 2: The $DOK variable (which was never documented, but apparently worked in WT 4.14), does not send F43 or anything else.
  9. BUG 3: Some DOK special districts are longer than 5 characters, but there is no way to log more than 5 characters in the exchange field.

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