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Task #364 — Cursor loses place if Band Map List View is sorted by anything except freq.

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Monday, 13 Jul 2015, 9:53pm
Bug Report
Bandmaps wnd (Alt-1/2)
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

WT 4.17 (but this issue is not new) Reported by K5KG

  1. Connect to a cluster that quickly generates many spots, like port 7373
  2. Open the Radio 1 or Radio 2 Bandmap window (Windows | Radio 1)
  3. Select the "List" tab at the bottom
  4. Right click and select Sort By ... Arrival Time, or Heading, or anything other than Frequency
  5. Press Ctrl+Shift+Down or Ctrl+Shift+Up to move the cursor to a spot in the middle of the list.
  6. Press [Enter] to log that station, or right click and Delete the spot, or press Ctrl-Delete to delete the spot.
  7. The spot disappears and the cursor disappears (which is OK since you haven't selected a new spot yet)
  8. Press Ctrl+Shift+Down or Ctrl+Shift+Up
  9. Bug: The cursor jumps back to the top of the list. It should jump to the next or previous position in the list, based on current sort order.

If you resort the list, it's OK to move the cursor back to the top if nothing was selected, otherwise it should stay on the station that was previously highlighted before the re-sort.

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