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Task #349 — WT 4.12.0 aborts message record in DX log ALL MODE

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Opened by Larry N1TX (N1TX) - Wednesday, 4 Jun 2014, 10:14pm
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I have WT 4.12.0 configured to use the Microkeyer II DVK instead of the internal DVK. WT uses the Microham control protocol to write/plackback messages. It's worked fine for SSB-only and MIXED MODE contests. In anticipation of the upcoming W1AW/KL7 event, I was setting up an ALL MODE DXpedition log and discovered the DVK function no longer worked.

Here is the log from the Microkeyer II with my comments after /////. The WT software appears to sends an immediate stop command when recording in ALL MODES. SSB and MIXED work fine with the same configuration.

0000422996: Log enabled, (urouter v8.5.3, micro KEYER II v6.2) 0000442403: H-TX: MR1 (start message recording) ///// DXpedition MIXED MODE 0000442465: H-RX: MR1 (message recording started) 0000446396: H-TX: MRS (stop message recording) 0000446584: H-RX: MRS (message recording stoped) 0000448456: H-TX: MP1 (play message) 0000448487: H-RX: MP1 (message playing started) 0000448502: H-RX: P1 (PTT output) 0000448518: H-RX: L0 (output lock) 0000452402: H-RX: MPS (message playing stoped) 0000452434: H-RX: P0 (PTT output) 0000452449: H-RX: L1 (output lock) 0000454009: H-TX: MP1 (play message) 0000454040: H-RX: MP1 (message playing started) 0000454056: H-RX: P1 (PTT output) 0000454087: H-RX: L0 (output lock) 0000457956: H-RX: MPS (message playing stoped) 0000457987: H-RX: P0 (PTT output) 0000457987: H-RX: L1 (output lock) 0000458861: H-TX: MA (abort message) /////Normal execution. 0000461669: H-TX: MA (abort message) 0000485365: H-TX: V (get versions) 0000485365: H-RX: VR08.05.03 (router version) ////Change to ALL MODE 0000485365: H-RX: VSM2U6G5A0 (device serial number) 0000485365: H-RX: VF06.02 (device firmware version) 0000485365: H-TX: C (get connection status) 0000485365: H-RX: C1 (connection status) 0000485365: H-TX: I1 (enable autoinformation) 0000485365: H-RX: C1 (connection status) 0000485365: H-RX: P0 (PTT output) 0000485365: H-RX: H0 (foot switch) 0000485365: H-RX: L1 (output lock) 0000485381: H-RX: MBdefault (DVK bank name) 0000485381: H-RX: KV (keyer mode) 0000492401: H-TX: MR1 (start message recording) /////Start recording 0000492448: H-RX: MR1 (message recording started) 0000492479: H-RX: MRS (message recording stoped) /////Immediate STOP command 0000495864: H-TX: MRS (stop message recording) 2014-06-01 20:28:33 : Log saved, (urouter v8.5.3, micro KEYER II v6.2)

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Comment by F6FVY - Thursday, 5 Jun 2014, 1:44am

Actually, from the log, it rather appears it is the MicroHam device that sends the MRS comand and not Win-Test ?! H-TX means the host sends (= the computer sends) and H-RX means the host receives (= the computer receives).

I have to reinstall my MK II and its software on my new computer and check it. Maybe next week-end or the week after. In the meantime, please check your configuration on the router software.

Comment by Larry N1TX - Thursday, 5 Jun 2014, 2:27am

Thank you for pointing out the H message header. I'll explain a bit more about my interaction with WT near the end of the log.

0000492401: H-TX: MR1 (start message recording) /////Start recording

At this point I hit Shift-F1 to begin recording.

0000492448: H-RX: MR1 (message recording started)

Confirm message recording

0000492479: H-RX: MRS (message recording stoped) /////Immediate STOP command

I didn't do anything here. Seems to be internally generated.

0000495864: H-TX: MRS (stop message recording)

Here is where I hit ESC to stop the recording