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Task #311 — GridSquare Being Taken from SPOT COMMENTS Rather Than .DTB File

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Dsve Zeph (w9zrx) - Monday, 18 Jul 2011, 11:58am
Bug Report
DX cluster spots (Alt-A)
Current WT-4.x
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In VHF Contests, if a User clicks on a Spot in which a Grid Square exists in the Spot’s COMMENTS Field, Win-Test will use insert the FIRST of these Grid Squares in the log - and ignore the contents of the VHF.DTB File.

I\'m referring to Spots where the Spotting Station has included the Grid Squares of both his station, and the station being spotted (Example: FN00 <> EN60). Win-Test appears to assume that the FIRST Grid Square in the COMMENTS Field is the Grid Square of the station BEING SPOTTED. This would be useful if everyone added this information in the SAME ORDER. However THEY DO NOT.

Win-Test appears to assume the Grids are in this order: SPOTTED GRID <> SPOTTER GRID

However an equal number of people enter this information in the exact opposite order. SPOTTER GRID <> SPOTTTED GRID

With the second case, Win-Test inserts an Incorrect Grid Square in the log when a Spot is selected from either the ANNOUNCEMENTS or the BANDMAP Windows.

The contents of the VHF.DTB are ignored. The only way to FORCE Win-Test to use the VHF.DTB Grid is to DELETE the Grid Win-Test has taken from the Spot and entered into the Log Line, and then press the Spacebar Twice.

At the very minimum, the user should be given the OPTION to DISABLE Win-Test taking ANY Grid Square information from a SPOT\'s COMMENTS Field. You cannot count on everyone making Spots doing it the same way.

As an aside, since I\'m maintaining USA VHF SCP and DTB Files, I thought of using Spot Grid Square information to augment my Database. However I quickly found that half seem to add the Grids in one order and half do it the opposite. I could manually decide which Grid went with which call, but that killed any thought of AUTOMATING the process.

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