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Task #31 — IOTA: show the possible references

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by F5MZN (f5mzn) - Saturday, 2 Jul 2005, 10:13am
Feature Request
Current WT-2.x
0% complete

Requested by G3SQX:

There is also a very good feature in EI5DI\'s IOTA program (SDI). As you enter a callsign, the country and possible IOTA references are displayed in an separate window. So, for example, as soon as you type \"TK\", you will see:

Corsica : - EU014 - EU100 - EU104 - EU164

This makes it easier to determine the IOTA reference from a station who is weak or under QRM. EI5DI uses a file called IOTA.REF, which is the same as IOTA.DAT, but with the country prefix added. It would be a fantastic benefit to have this in Win-test -- perhaps at the base of the \"Check multipliers\" window.

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