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Task #305 — Using Winkey, REPEAT mode, and Plain pile-up, pressing Esc leaves headphones on wrong radio

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Monday, 24 Jan 2011, 9:52am
Bug Report
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Current WT-4.x
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Using WT 4.8.0-dev

SETUP [Enter]

Enable WinKey on COM port

Enable LPT or COM port control of TX radio, Headphones, and stereo mode, or use OTRSP or microHAM control protocol (it really doesn\'t matter)

Press [OK]

Operating | Technique | Advanced SO2R

Operating | CapsLock binds to secondary radio

Operating | Modify the scenarios

Press [Plane Pileup] and [OK]

Windows | Secondary Radio

Verify that \"Plain pileup\" scenario is selected

Type REPEAT [Enter] in the logging window

Press F1. A repeating CQ starts on Radio 1, both headphones switch to Radio 2, REPEAT appears in Rate window

While the CQ is being sent, press Escape

BUG: Both headphones remain on Radio 2. The $R1R2 command at the end of the F1 \"Plain pileup\" scenario doesn\'t execute.

Type NOREPEAT [Enter] in the logging window

Press F1

While the CQ is being sent, press Escape

NO BUG: The $R1R2 command at the end of the F1 message is executed properly.

Repeat the above, but in Step 2, select NO Winkey. Instead use LPT or COM port CW keying.

NO BUG: Pressing Escape while the repeating CQ is sent properly halts the CW and restores the headphones to $R1R2

Conclusion: when a Winkey is used with a Repeating CQ, pressing Escape halts the CW and the repeating CQ, but it does not run the $R1R2 command and the end of the advanced scenario, so the headphones are left listening to the wrong radio.

If you just eliminate the Winkey for CW sending, pressing Escape works fine, the $R1R2 command is executed properly, whether the CQ is repeating or not, using all SO2R protocols (COM, LPT, microHAM, and OTRSP).

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Friday, 27 May 2011, 11:00pm

Related issue: if REPEAT is enabled, and you start typing a callsign in the main logging window, the CQ halts but both headphones remain on Radio 2.