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Task #299 — Using OmniRig with MK2R+, two Elecraft K3s, Ctrl-S command not working properly.

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Wednesday, 10 Nov 2010, 6:23am
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
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WT 4.6 MK2R+ v.30 firmware Router Two Elecraft K3s at 38400 baud OmniRig 1.11 Elecraft K3.ini 2010.03.30

  1. SETUP [Enter]
  2. Set Radio1 and Radio2 to OmniRig and verify normal operation
  3. 3521 [Enter] to set VFO A of Radio 1 to 3521 kHz
  4. -3522 [Enter] to set VFO B of Radio 1 to 3522 kHz
  5. Press [-] [Enter] to disable split mode
  6. Press [*] key
  7. 7023 [Enter] to set VFO A of Radio 2 to 7023
  8. -7024 [Enter] to set VFO B of Radio 2 to 7024
  9. Press [-] [Enter] to disable split mode
  10. Press [*] to set focus to Radio 1
  11. Press Ctrl-S
  12. Bug: Radio1 VFO A is set to 7024 instead of 7023

MK2R port log shows incorrect commands being sent to Radio1:

FA00007024000; FR0; FA00007023000; FR0; IF;

Expected it to set FB00007024000; not FA000070240000;

OmniRig .ini file for K3 looks OK:

[pmFreqA] Command=(FA...........;) Value=2|11|vfText|1|0 ReplyLength=0

[pmFreqB] Command=(FB...........;) Value=2|11|vfText|1|0 ReplyLength=0

Bug must bet in the way the Win-Test code sets VFO B value when using the Ctrl-S command only.

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