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Task #289 — Using Adv SO2R, pressing Escape always puts both ears on Primary Radio

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Saturday, 11 Sep 2010, 9:14pm
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

wt-dev 4.6.0 Rev 401

  1. Operating | Technique | Advanced SO2R
  2. Operating | CapsLock binds to the secondary radio
  3. Operating | Modify the Scenarios
  4. Program Primary Radio F1: $RESET $R1R2 $F1 $R1R1
  5. Program Scecondary Radio F1: $RESET $R1R2 $F1 $R2R2
  6. Press [OK]
  7. Press [CapsLock] to put TX focus on secondary
  8. Press Ctrl-Alt-T (AltGr-T) to put both ears on secondary
  9. Press F1
  10. While the CQ is sending, hit [Escape] to halt the CQ
  11. Bug: both ears are now placed on the Primary radio, and you can\'t hear who came back to your abbreviated CQ
  12. Adding $RESET to the message doesn\'t help.

Problem occurs using either LPT pin headphone switching, or MK2R Control Protocol. Did not test other techniques.

The Escape key should stop sending, but it should have NO EFFECT no affect audio status.

Workaround: Create 1-line LUA script named Esc.wts containing


and assign it to the Escape key using the Tools | Scripts Manager. But this only works on CW, not phone.

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