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Task #287 — COM port TYPE always reset to \"Network\" after unchecking box in Interfaces Configuration window

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010, 8:33pm
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

wt_dev 4.6.0 Rev 374 (and all earlier releases)

  1. SETUP [Enter] to display Interfaces Configuration screen
  2. Set Radio 1 type to Elecraft K3 (doesn\'t matter)
  3. Set any COM port to Radio 1 and use the Win-Test defaults
  4. Press [OK] to save
  5. SETUP [Enter]
  6. Uncheck the COM port selected in Step 3.
  7. Press [OK] to save
  8. SETUP [Enter]
  9. Bug: COM port TYPE has been reset from \"Radio 1\" to \"Network\". Other COM port comm. parameters are retained OK.

It would be a lot easier to change configurations and experiment with different devices, such as enabling or disabling the microHAM control protocol, if Win-Test would remember the device type connected to each COM port, whether or not you are actually using it by checking the box.

Hardly anyone is using COM ports for Network these days, so it seems like an odd default that could lead to trouble if accidentally checked. Perhaps a better default would be \"Other Interface\".

73, Bob, N6TV

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