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Task #280 — Bug report with WK2-USB

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Pascal Rapharin (F5JSD) - Monday, 10 May 2010, 6:11pm
Bug Report
Windowx XP
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

Setup :

WT4.4.0 Win XP Pro WK2-USB WK configured for synchronized speed with WT

found two bugs :

a.. odd bug from time to time, the CW speed is highly increasing. e.g. set speed is 36WPM and when pressing F2, the exchange would go at 40+ WPM. Unable to find exact sequence to reproduce the problem

b.. regular bug When using WK-USB stanalone connected to a radio, paddle can correctly key iambic with DOT MEMORY. i.e. to key a C, you simultaneously press both paddles by closing the \"dash\" paddle first. Then you release both paddles sumultaneously after dah-dit-dah. The last dit is sent by the keyer by using the called \"DOT MEMORY\" function.

When using WK-USB connected to WT,the DOT MEMORY function no longer works. In previous example, a letter K is always sent unless both paddles are closed until the last dot is sent.

Hope this helps.

73 de Pascal - F5JSD

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Comment by F6FVY - Monday, 10 May 2010, 10:38pm

Bug (b) closed by F6FVY (Not a bug) : The Iambic B setting had to be used in Win-Test.