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Task #264 — Advanced SO2R, microHAM protocol on MK2R+, CapsLock binds to secondary radio, wrong TX focus

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Friday, 20 Nov 2009, 1:23am
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
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WT 3.27.1 and WT 4.3.0-dev

In ARRL Sweepstakes Phone contest or WPX Phone contests, there is no way to announce a serial number on the secondary radio window?

  1. Operating, Technique, Advanced SO2R Mode (checked)
  2. Operating, Caps Lock binds to the secondary radio (checked). Shift binds to secondary radio NOT checked.
  3. SETUP [Enter]
  4. Select microHAM MK2R/MK2R+ for approp. control port
  5. LPT should not be checked
  6. Radio 1 on 20m, Radio 2 on 15m
  7. Press [Caps Lock]. Secondary radio is highlighted Yellow (OK).
  8. Press [F4]. Callsign is announced by microHAM DVK on Radio 2, 15m. (OK). Note that the RED BAR below Radio 2 TX lights up as it should, but only while transmitting.
  9. Press the footswitch to give the exchange on the secondary radio.
  10. Bug: TX is being done on Radio 1 even though Radio 2 is highlighted yellow. It doesn\'t work this way on CW when using a WinKey.

The red TX BAR light indicates TX focus switches to radio 1 after a secondary radio message completes. Why?

On CW, once you highlight a window and press a message key, TX focus remains on the secondary radio window until you remove yellow highlighting, UNLESS a repeating CQ is active on Radio 1. Using Advanced SO2R with a WinKey should work the same as Advanced SO2R with a microHAM DVK, right?

See related task #220 (closed, can\'t be fixed, when using LPT port due to lack of knowledge about end of a message, I guess).

73, Bob, N6TV

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Comment by F5MZN - Saturday, 21 Nov 2009, 11:03am

This task is in conflict with #137.

I can maybe consider an option for that. I\'ll think about it.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Friday, 18 Nov 2011, 7:31pm

Still a problem in WT 4.9.1. Please change priority from LOW to HIGH since this makes it really hard to use Win-Test Advanced SO2R in any phone contest that requires sending of a serial number.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Monday, 24 Mar 2014, 11:17pm

Same issue still occurs in WT 4.12 using Classic Auto Control. microHAM control protocol not required. It should work the same on CW as it does on phone; TX Focus should "stick".