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Task #260 — Frequency data out of synch with radio after a time, Elecraft K3, FT-1000MP (IC-746Pro)

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009, 6:07pm
Last edited by F5MZN (f5mzn) - Saturday, 14 Nov 2009, 9:48am
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Both EA4TX and F5VHJ report that using a combo. of FT-1000MP/MKV and Elecraft K3, frequency data eventually stops getting from the radio to the PC, even though you can still enter a frequency in Win-Test, and the radio will move to that frequency.

If you have the same issue, please add a comment to this task describing all the details (Radio Type, COM port interface type (virtual/real), COM port settings, Windows Version, Driver Version, Win-Test version, etc.)

W2NLS reports a similar issue: he can\'t get an IC746Pro to track frequency data at all using Windows Vista 64, with a combination of a USB-to-Serial adapter with a USB CI-V CAT INTERFACE CABLE (using default settings except DTR=Always ON to supply required power). Frequency can be set, but not tracked. The same hardware works OK with Ham Radio Deluxe, with full tracking. May be a separate issue.

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Comment by EA4TX - Pablo - Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009, 6:46pm

We detected this Pb with WT V4.02, Windows XP SP/2, Radio 1 was used with default parameters (K3 and Yaesu 1K MP for each computer). Other computers (4 PC\'s) with different radios, worked all contest without this failure. On one computer, when the frecuency tracking was lost, the enter frecuency [enter] worked. On the other computer was not tested.

The Pb was detected several hours later first QSO. All our computer started 1 hour before the contest, and the first failure could be detected 12h or more hours later.

Comment by Ben - Thursday, 29 Oct 2009, 11:10pm

We keep having the same issue recently with Kenwood TS-850, microHAM MK-II and Win-Test 4.2.0 but also 3.27.1. The radio stops communicating with Win-Test after some hours. After restarting the microHAM router, the problem is gone for a while.

This situation becomes effective when the operator tries to click on a spot or goes QSY to another band.

When the problem is there, the microHAM router software does not display the correct frequency either so it has lost communication the radio too.

I have had some success by changing the poll settings in the configuration menu from \"Auto\" to \"500ms\". Maybe WinTest is querying the radio\'s CPU too often and then stops communication.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Saturday, 31 Oct 2009, 12:15am

W2NLS resolved his issue by using different USB-to-Serial adapters:

\"Apparently the Prolific drivers used by so many usb-to-serial adapter cables have some sort of problem that may or may not show up with Vista 64 depending on if the program involved uses some communications subroutines from Microsoft. Changing out the adapters with the Prolific chipset to ones that use the FTD1 chipset made everything work.\"

F5VHJ had DTR and/or RTS set to \"CW\" for the Radio\'s COM port, instead of to \"Always OFF.\" He is supposed to correct that, and report.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Monday, 7 Dec 2009, 8:36pm

Suggestion: in the microHAM Router software try selecting the Radio Type \"K3 Patched\" instead of K3. OM7ZZ says \"We did [K3 patched] to achieve faster recovery from situations when K3 simply doesn\'t respond to poll at all.\"