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Task #256 — Cursor disappears, data entry logging window loses focus while operating RTTY using MMTTY

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Monday, 28 Sep 2009, 8:17pm
Bug Report
Main wnd (log)
Current WT-4.x
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Noticed in WT 4.1 PA2A says it was also in WT 3 Difficult to reproduce, happens randomly but often when using MMTTY

  1. Create a new CQ WW RTTY log
  2. RTTYSETUP [Enter]
  3. Check ALL boxes, andstart two separate copies of MMTTY
  4. Windows | RTTY (Radio 1)
  5. Windows | RTTY (Radio 2)
  6. Right click on each RTTY windows, and check \"Activate radio on click in the window\"
  7. Windows | Secondary Radio
  8. Options | Windows | Floating (not sure if this matters)
  9. Tune Radio 1 to RTTY signals
  10. Tune Radio 2 to RTTY signals
  11. Note that cursor is in logging window and message buttons work
  12. BUG: After a time (I think the RTTY windows have to get pretty full, but maybe not), the cursor will just disappear from the logging window, you can\'t type any text, and none of the message keys F1-F7 work. It is as if the focus somehow was changed to one of the MMTTY windows.
  13. Clicking on the Radio 1 or Radio 2 RTTY window message buttons seems to temporarily restore normal behavior.

Please see also task #204 which may be related. Win-Test does not behave like a normal Windows program with respect to being able to switch to it properly using the Windows Task Switcher by pressing press Alt-Tab. The Win-Test icon often disappears from the list of active programs.

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