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Task #254 — Red DUPE message stops working when using ESM with S&P mode

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Sunday, 20 Sep 2009, 7:55pm
Bug Report
Current WT-4.x
0% complete

Problem originally reported by GW3NJW. Problem confirmed in WT 4.1, WT-dev 4.2

  1. Create a new log
  2. Tools | Data Entry | Exchange Guessing | Automatically (checked)
  3. Log any station and press [Enter]
  4. RUNSP [Enter]
  5. ESM [Enter]
  6. Windows | Clock
  7. Press [Ctrl-tab] until you see \"RUN\" in the clock window
  8. Type the same callsign entered in step 1
  9. Red \"DUPE\" message appears OK when you type last letter
  10. Press [F11] to clear QSO
  11. Press [Ctrl-tab] to switch to \"S&P\" mode
  12. Type the same callsign as in step 1
  13. BUG: Red \"DUPE\" message does not appear
  14. Press [F11] to clear QSO
  15. NOESM [Enter]
  16. Type the same callsign as in step 1
  17. Red \"DUPE\" message now appears OK (mode=S&P or RUN)

In sum, if you try to use ESM and S&P mode together, the red DUPE message does not appear.

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Monday, 25 Jan 2010, 5:11am

Bug still present in WT 4.5. If you hit the spacebar in ESM S&P mode, red dupe messages shows up OK, but you shouldn\'t have to do that.