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Task #234 — Varying speed of CW Messages with WK/MKII

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Simon Schelkshorn (dj4mz) - Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009, 7:04pm
Bug Report
Current WT-3.x
0% complete

Keyer-Speed changes automatically to \"initial speed\".

Procedure to produce the problem.

  1. WKSETUP -> Synchronized speed/Controlled only by WT
  2. Close WT
  3. Open a Log -> WT sets the CW speed to the speed configured in the Log. I will call this \"initial speed\"
  4. Press F1 -> CQ-Message will be send correctly with the \"initial speed\"
  5. Press Alt-V and change the CW speed. I will call this \"new speed\"
  6. Press F1 -> CQ-Message will be send correctly with the new speed, AFTER the CQ-Message has been sent, the CW speed jumps back to the \"initial speed\". All following messages (and paddle input) will be sent with the initial speed.

Hint: Even though WinKey sends with the initial speed, WT displays the new speed in his rate window. The speed change of the \"+\" and \"-\" commands for the stored messages is based on the new speed and not on the initial speed.

Hint2: Interrupting a stored message by pressing ESC correctly sets WinKey to the new speed (initial speed = new speed). If you now again try to change the speed, the procedure starts again at point 6.

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