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Task #226 — STEW_PERRY.DTB loaded, but exchange guessing fails

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Sunday, 28 Dec 2008, 1:52am
Bug Report
Current WT-3.x
0% complete

WT 3.23

  1. Download to the Win-Test directory
  2. Bug: File on web site is named wrong, you have to rename it STEW_PERRY.DTB (underscore rather than hyphen) before Win-Test will use it.
  3. Load Win-Test and create a new Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge log
  4. Check Tools, Data Entry, Exchange Guessing, Automatically
  5. Right click on Check partial Window
  6. Select Used Files List -- note that STEW_PERRY.DTB was loaded and is being used for SCP
  7. Type a callsign in the .DTB file, such as N6TR or N9RV
  8. Bug: Grid Square is not filled in automatically
  9. Program [Insert] key as $LOGGEDCALL $QSOB4 $GUESSEXCH $F2
  10. Type N6TR and press [Insert]
  11. Bug: Grid Square is still not filled in automatically
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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Monday, 29 Dec 2008, 11:11pm

W9ZRX discovered that if you rename HF.DTB to HF.DTB.SAV, Win-Test will start using STEW-PERRY.DTB (with a hyphen [-], not a an underscore [_]), pre-fill exchange guessing starts to work.

There is still inconsistency in that STEW_PERRY.DTB can be used for SCP, but STEW-PERRY.DTB will be used for exchange guessing. The published list of contest names uses underscores rather than hyphens.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Friday, 16 Oct 2015, 2:34am

Bug still exists in WT 4.19.