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Task #217 — Targets file Export / Import range limits prevent use in ARRL Sweepstakes, DXPedition

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Tuesday, 4 Nov 2008, 5:53am
Bug Report
Statistics wnd (Ctrl-F9)
0% complete

WT 3.23

  1. Open a completed ARRL Sweepstakes log with QSOs logged for the entire contest period, from 2100Z Saturday to 0300Z Monday (UTC). (I will send you my .wtb file upon request.) A multi-day DXpedition log is fine too.
  2. Press [Ctrl-F9] to display the Stats Windows
  3. Right click, select \"Export a targets file...\"
  4. Note that the proper values for Sweepstakes are filled in by default, Starting time 21, ending time 51.
  5. Press [OK]
  6. Bug: \"Please enter an integer between 0 and 48\"
  7. Bug: Screen prompt says \"Starting time (0-47):\"
  8. Press [OK]
  9. Bug: Screen says \"Starting time (0-47):\" (again!)
  10. Press [OK] (again)
  11. Enter the range as 21 to 48
  12. Press [OK]
  13. Edit the filename.obf file and add the missing hours manually
  14. Right click, select \"Import a targets file\"
  15. Bug: the last three hours aren\'t imported (OK, that was my bug, I forgot to change END = 48 to END = 51. Then it works OK.)

To handle the ARRL Sweepstakes, one should be able to export and import a 30 hour contest period starting at 21Z.

Note: I find this export dialog somewhat confusing and hard to use without referring to the manual. I had no idea what \"51\" meant.

I suggest the two boxes be changed from Start and End time in a strange format to Start Time and length of contest in hours (or days), large enough to allow for a 15 day targets file to be created, the maximum time period allowed in the Stats window (for a DXpedition).

It would be nice if this could be fixed in time for the ARRL Sweepstakes Phone November 15th 2008, but it\'s not that important once you figure out what to do manually.

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