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Task #209 — If you double-click on a call in the radio 2 band map, [F5] $LOGGEDCALL sends nothing

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:56pm
Bug Report
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WT 3.21

This is probably caused by the same bug reported in task #208.

  1. Operating, Technique, Advanced SO2R
  2. Operating, Caps Lock binds to the secondary radio (check)
  3. Windows, Secondary radio (check)
  4. Type SOUND so you can hear the CW sidetone
  5. Type MSGS and set the [F5] message to $LOGGEDCALL
  6. Put Radio 1 on 20m, Radio 2 on 15m
  7. Press [*] to switch to radio 2
  8. Type W6XYZ [Ctrl-Enter] to put W6XYZ in the 15m band map.
  9. Press [*] to switch back to radio 1 (20m)
  10. Double click on W6XYZ in the 15m band map. W6XYZ is copied into the secondary radio Window.
  11. Press [CapsLock]. Secondary Radio Window on 15m turns yellow.
  12. Press [F5] to send the callsign, W6XYZ
  13. Bug: Win-Test sends nothing

If you press [F11] and /type/ W6XYZ in the secondary radio window, then press [F5], it works OK.

Somehow double-clicking on a call in the secondary radio\'s band map doesn\'t work the same as typing in the call, or as double-clicking on a call in the primary radio\'s band map (which makes [F5] work properly).

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:58pm

Intended to make this bug Severity MEDIUM, rather than LOW.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Friday, 7 Nov 2014, 1:31am

AC6T is reporting he ran into this same problem using WT 4.14, and I can still replicate it. Why does loading a call into the secondary radio window by clicking on the band map fail to initalize or update the $LOGGEDCALL variable?

Comment by F6FVY - Monday, 24 Nov 2014, 3:21pm

Mods done on 4.15.0 revision. Must be heavily tested before closing the task.