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Task #208 — If you double click on a call in the Radio 2 band map, $CORRECT sends incorrect info. on Radio 1

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:42pm
Bug Report
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Repeatable with WT 3.21, IARU contest (probably all CW contests)

Operating, Technique, Advanced SO2R

Operating, Caps Lock binds to the secondary radio (check)

Windows, Secondary radio (check)

Type SOUND so you can hear the CW sidetone

Type MSGS and set the PLUS message to



Put Radio 1 on 20m, Radio 2 on 15m

Press [*] to switch to radio 2

Type W6XYZ [Ctrl-Enter] to put W6XYZ in the 15m band map.

Press [*] to switch back to radio 1 (20m)

Type W6ABC and press [Insert]

Wait for the Insert message finish completely (if you don\'t wait for completion, the bug doesn\'t occur)

Double click on W6XYZ in the 15m band map. W6XYZ is copied into the secondary radio Window.

Press [+] to send the TU message on Radio 1

Bug: Win-Test sends \"XYZ TU ...\"

Somehow a callsign copied into the secondary radio window from the band map is messing up the contents of the \"$CORRECT\" buffer on Radio 1. The two radios should have completely independent \"$CORRECT\" variables.

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:43pm

Apologies for the boldface, was trying to get a numbered list.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014, 12:32am

This bug still exists in WT 4.11, as reported by K0DQ:

  2. Set PLUS message to $CORRECT TU $MYCALL $CR
  3. Call CQ on Radio 1 by pressing F1
  4. Type a callsign and press [Insert]
  5. While copying the exchange, double Click on a spot in Radio 2's band map
  6. Press Plus key

Bug: Win-test sends the callsign selected for Radio 2, even though the callsign on Radio 1 has not changed. In other words, the $CORRECT variable should be per radio, but instead it seems to be a "global" variable, always comparing the callsign sent with INSERT to the last callsign entered in any logging window, instead of only looking at the active logging window.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014, 12:38am

This happens even if you select "Do not automatically fill the log fields when one grabs a spot"

Comment by Filipe Lopes - Monday, 16 Feb 2015, 3:00pm

Hi guys, this BUG is very frustating. I operated in CQ WW CW 2014 with WT 4.14

1st scenario: Running on R1 and Mults on radio 2: While running on R1 and when I clicked on a DX Spot from the bandmap to work the mult on the 2nd radio, after the RUN QSO on R1 win-test sends the call that I clicked on the band for R2 and the TU message...

Any idea how to solve it, any prespective to debug it ?

Thank you. Filipe Lopes CT1ILT - CR6K