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Task #204 — If Win-Test has a pop-up window open, pressing Alt-tab causes loss of focus, must use mouse

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Tuesday, 3 Jun 2008, 9:42am
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Bug found in WT 3.19 through WT 3.21-dev 03 June 2008:

  1. Open a Wintest log and make sure Options, Windows, \"Included in the main window\" is selected.
  2. Open some other Windows applications like Notepad, HamCAP, and a command prompt window (doesn\'t matter)
  3. Switch back to Win-Test and force a Win-Test pop-up window to open by typing MSGS, [Alt-N], [Alt-G], or CLEARLOG (doesn\'t matter which)
  4. Press [Alt-Tab] (hold down [Alt]) to display the Windows \"active programs\" icon list, then let go of the [Alt] key while the Win-Test icon is highlighted.
  5. Bug: focus switches away from the pop-up window back to the Win-Test background window
  6. Press [Alt-Tab] again
  7. Bug: the Win-Test icon has now completely disappeared from the icon list. There\'s no easy way to get back to Win-Test using the keyboard now. You must use the mouse to click on the Win-Test pop-up window to get the focus back to where it belongs.

When Win-Test is displaying a pop-up window, any pop-up window, and you press [Alt-Tab], the focus should remain on that pop-up. And if you switch to another application then press [Alt-Tab] to switch back to Win-Test, the focus should return to that pop-up window, if any. The Win-Test icon should never disappear from the Windows active programs icon list while it is running.

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Comment by F5MZN - Sunday, 8 Nov 2009, 10:25am

Seems to be a Windows\'s feature: all dialogs having the \"TOOL\" property on (small titlebar) are making the same.

I\'ll investigate a bit for a possible workaround. If not we will have to live with that problem.

Comment by F6FVY - Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010, 3:34am

Attempt to fix this issue available in the next nightly build. Await deep testing and approval to close the task.