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Task #198 — Update Database Command Not Working

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Opened by Dsve Zeph (w9zrx) - Monday, 21 Apr 2008, 8:17am
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The following bug was noted while running V3.19:

When adding to the VHF.DTB that I generated last year, I imported a new log and ran UPDATE DATABASE. I noted that the size of the file had not increased one byte. Since the log was one of the larger M/M Logs, I figured something wasn\'t right.

I tried again with an new (0 Bytes) VHF.DTB and no calls were added at all.

I then back-rev\'ed to V3.11 which is the version I used last year to build the Database and it worked properly. New logs contributed additional calls to the Database and it grew in size.

Conclusion - UPDATE DATABASE in V3.19 is not working

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:24pm

I tried this with WT 3.21 and ITU.DTB (IARU Contest), and Update Database worked OK. New information was added to the end of the ITU.DTB file.

What was the contest type? Did the time stamp of VHF.DTB change when you ran Update Database, or was some other .DTB file updated?

Comment by Dsve Zeph - Saturday, 19 Jul 2008, 10:34pm

I thought my original description was pretty clear.

Again - UPDATE DATABASE DID NOT work with the V3.19 WT.EXE but DID WORK with the V3.11 WT.EXE. I thought it was clear that the DTB files were not changed.

I did not try the UPDATE DAtABASE command with V3.21 for the simple reason that V3.21 HAD NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED WHEN THIS BUG WAS FILED.