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Task #19 — ESM mode

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Marko Holmavuo (OH4JFN) - Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005, 7:59pm
Last edited by F6FVY (f6fvy) - Saturday, 18 Jun 2005, 12:32am
Feature Request
User Interface
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When entering call sign first enter -hit launches [ins] message, second enter -hit launches [+] message. This is similar than in N6TR or in N1MM software.

This option would be user configurable so, that user can select if use traditional \"insert\" + \"+\" funtionality or ESM funtionality.

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Comment by Sinisa - Tuesday, 7 Nov 2006, 2:33pm

I\'d like to suggest sticking to common sense regarding ESM.

It shouldn\'t be allowed to grow out of proportion as it did in N1MM Logger, with ENTER key performing 24 (!) different actions, depending on circumstances, and governed by a very complex set of rules.

In fact, N1MM Logger manual defines ESM actions at TWO different places, and I didn\'t dare to compare those two 24-entry tables. I just ran away.

One of WinTest\'s virtues is that all user actions have easily predictable outcomes. No single \"feature\", be it clever as it may be, is worth destroying such a valuable property.


Sinisa YT1NT, VE3EA