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Task #187 — Ctrl-Shift-Tab doesn\'t appear to toggle RUN / S&P in Secondary radio window

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Wednesday, 16 Jan 2008, 12:00am
Bug Report
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  1. Select Operating, Technique, Advanced SO2R
  2. Select Operating, CapsLock binds to Secondary Radio
  3. Select Tools, Data Entry, Enable Run/S&P switching
  4. Windows, Secondary Radio. \"RUN / S&P area\" radio buttons are displayed (OK).
  5. Use the mouse to click the \"Run\" radio button in the Secondary radio window
  6. Press [Ctrl-Shift-Tab]
  7. Bug: Secondary radio doesn\'t appear to toggle to S&P mode
  8. Press [CapsLock]. Secondary radio window becomes yellow.
  9. Press [Ctrl-Tab]. Nothing appears to change.
  10. Press [CapsLock] again
  11. Bug: Now, in the secondary radio window, both \"RUN\" and \"S/P\" radio buttons appear selected at the same time. You can\'t tell what mode it is in.

It seems the RUN / S&P radio buttons in the secondary radio window do not properly display the current operating state of the secondary radio. It is important to display these properly so that one will know which CW messages will be send by the function keys when the secondary radio window is active.

Work-around: use the mouse rather than [Ctrl-Shift-Tab].

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