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Task #177 — $RST msg var always sends 5NN if you press [Ins] before changing RST sent field to 559 , 339, etc.

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Wednesday, 28 Nov 2007, 10:52am
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WT 3.18

Create a new CQ WW CW log, Zone: 3

Set F2: $RST^$ZONE


Enter F5MZN and press three keys in a row quickly: [Insert] [tab] [5] to change the RST sent from 599 to 559 while the callsign is being sent.

Bug: Instead of sending \"55N3\", Win-Test sends \"5NN3\" even though the RST sent column clearly says \"559\".

If you press [tab] [5] [Insert], Win-Test sends \"55N3\" as expected. But you shouldn\'t have to do it in that order.

The $RST message variable should not be initialized until after the $LOGGEDCALL is sent, giving you plenty of time to use \"real\" RST values (nice for casual DXpedition mode, or for really weak signals in a contest).

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