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Task #167 — LZ_DX.dtb

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Nick J. Sinanis SV3SJ/F5VIH (SV3SJ) - Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007, 9:03pm
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Windowx XP
Current WT-3.x
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I am creating an empty LZ_DX.dtb file in the wintest dir and all works ok (it is reported as used by win test in the N+1 window) but it doesn\'t get updated when I do an update DB. File size stays zero.

BTW, what is the right way to have both HF.dtb and LZDX.dtb used at the same time but one complementing the other? Running with an empty LZDX.dtb no calls are found in N+1 despite the fact that HF.dtb loads. Does it make sense to ask the same for master.scp? Perhaps one could configure which files to be used at the time? That will be useful to have e.g. the LZ_DX.dtb providing the oblasts while the usual HF/scp files provide partial calls for any station (of course with the contest specific DB taking priority.

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Comment by Nick J. Sinanis SV3SJ/F5VIH - Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007, 10:28pm

It appears that \"Update databases\" updates just HF.dtb and not the contest specific DB. That\'s a problem as I had intentionally to log wrong ITU zones during the LZDXC, as this is what I got as an exchange.

Strangely enough, if now I check my log with the Tools->Check log-> wrong exchanges, I see a couple of mismatches on exchanges which are reported against the \"database\". This is surprising as the conflicting exchanges are on LZ oblasts. There is NO LZ* file in the win-test directory!

I am certainly confused with the DB stuff but there is certainly a problem somewhere.

Comment by Nick J. Sinanis SV3SJ/F5VIH - Saturday, 22 Nov 2008, 10:52am

This still does not work (3.21.0) There is simply no way to tell WT to use the LZ_DX.dtb

I did create a LZ_DX.dtb (using the awk script ot Larry) which indeed it is opened by WT (it appears at the \"Used File List\" of both N+1 and Check Partial windows.

Yes, I have enabled the exchange guessing.

Additionally, as I reported previously, the update databes menu command updates the HF.dtb! I think this is a bad idea because it is not what I would expect it to do. It also pollutes the hf.dtb with incorrect zones.