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Task #161 — no QSX on Spotting with ALT-F3 with Kenwood

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Opened by Werner Maier (dl4ner) - Monday, 12 Nov 2007, 10:41pm
Bug Report
Windowx XP
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discovered in WT 3.17 + TS-850S verified with WT 3.17 and TS-950SD

steps to reproduce:

1) goto 40m.

2) set VFO A to 7070

3) set VFO B to 7225

4) set split (e.g. TX VFO A, RX VFO B) (bug verified also vice versa!)

5) try to spot KC1XX on 7.225, QSX 7.070 with ATL-F3. ==> DX-Cluster-Spot-Window opens, with \"DX 7.225 KC1XX\", but without QSX notice.

73s de Werner DL4NER.

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Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007, 4:28am

Did you type QSX or SPLIT to set your split frequency first?

Comment by Werner Maier - Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007, 8:05am

IIRC in the contest: yes. I used one VFO to search the band, heard a W-station on an 40m-high-frequency calling cq split, pressed \"-\" to enter the split frequency, worked him and tried to spot him.

at my tests at home, i just used the tranceiver to put VFO A and B to different frequencies, set the other VFO to tx (i.e. split only set on the TRX).

in both cases WT did not comment \"QSX xxxx.x\" in the ALT-F3-window.

Comment by F5MZN - Thursday, 30 Oct 2008, 10:58am

Seems Task #214 was a duplicate. Please cfm that it is fixed with next nightly build.