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Task #159 — Incorrect Frequencies when split, Grab Spot and ALT-F4

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Bill Myers (K1GQ) - Thursday, 8 Nov 2007, 4:16pm
Last edited by F5MZN (f5mzn) - Friday, 28 Dec 2007, 12:11pm
Bug Report
Requires testing
F5MZN (f5mzn)
90% complete

WT 3.18.0, Orion II, LSB mode (both VFOs), SO1R/Multi-Op technigue.

Steps to reproduce:

(1) Tune radio: RX(VFO A) 7099.0 TX(VFO B) 7198.0.

(2) Self-spot: CTRL-ENTER. Correct result appears in band map with \"QSX 7099.0\" comment.

The first two steps merely set up a spot with QSX to demonstrate the problem.

(3) Tune radio: RX(A) 7045.0 TX(B) 7205.0.

(4) Set CQ Frequency: ALT-F5.

(5) Grab the self-spot: double-click in band map. Result is RX(A) 7045.0 (should be 7099.0), TX(B) 7099.1 (should be 7198.0), both are incorrect.

(6) Return to run frequency: ALT-F4. Result is RX(A) 7045.0 (unchanged), 7045.1 (should be 7205.0). RX happens to be right because it wasn\'t changed earlier, TX is incorrect.

(7) Return to spot frequency: ALT-F4. Result is RX(A) 7045.0 (should be 7099.0) TX(B) 7045.0 (should be 7198.0). Perhaps this behavior is not implemented in Win-Test, but it is standard in CT.

I believe NQ4I reported this bug with a different radio on the Win-Test mail list after CQWWPH 2007.

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