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Task #143 — QTC deletes get not properly synchronized

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Werner Maier (dl4ner) - Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007, 12:10pm
Bug Report
Windowx XP
Very Low
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how to reproduce:

setup 2 stations networked. Use WAE phone from EU. on station one log a qtc group of e.g. 2 QTCs to 9k3hn. validate these qtcs. enter 9k3hn, goto QTC-RX window again, change station name to 9k2hn, validate.

on computer one, you will find 2 qtcs of 9k2hn. on computer two, you will find 4 qtcs, 2 qtcs of 9k2hn and 9k3hn each.

so it seems that on callsign change, the qtcs get saved as \"new\", but the old qtcs get not deleted.

after that, open the 9k2hn qtc rx window on computer one again. manually delete the two qtcs and the group number.

computer one: no qtcs. computer two: 4 qtcs (as before).

it should be possible to fix the station callsign after the rx qtcs and maybe even to delete qtcs.

small feature request (same topic, same priority):

situation as above: 1) rx a group of 8 qtcs from 9k2hn 2) rx a group of 2 qtcs from 9k2hn with typo to 9k3hn.

it should be possible to change the second group from 9k3hn to 9k2hn. But callsign-change is only possible if the \"destination\" call has no qtcs at all...

73 de Werner DL4NER.

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Comment by Werner Maier - Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007, 12:11pm

behaviour validated with win-test 3.16 @DA0WAE in WAE-SSB-2007.