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Task #135 — Sequential serials

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Wolfgang Schwarz, DK9VZ (DK9VZ) - Sunday, 19 Aug 2007, 11:03pm
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Windowx XP
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We worked in a Multi/Single environment on three notebooks, 2 notebooks for logging and one for the connection to a DX-Cluster via mobile phone. When one station did send a report and the other station did save a qso, then the sequential serial was counted up on the station that already sent out the report.

It seems that Wintest does not lock the sequential serial after it was sent out?

In my view this is a bug, because it leads to several wrong sequentials sent in my log. But I found the problem reported in the WT-Wiki (Multi-OP/Issues/Sequential serials) There it is reported as a known problem and there is a possibility given how to solve it; but that should only be a problem solve for one contest, please not forever .....

I know that it is a hig heffort to program a sequential serial for a real multi-environment. Thats not my suggestion. My only problem is that the serial is counted up \"after\" it was already sent out in the contest. Please implement a sort of locking for the serial in that moment when it was sent out. After that time it is not allowed to change because then the wrong sequential serial is in the log and my QSO-Partner will loose points and get a penalty for that.

Will that problem be solved in the near future?

Thanks in advance

73 de Wolfgang DK9VZ

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