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Task #126 — SMARTCORRECT: $CORRECT not cleared by [F5][+] or [Insert][Esc][+]

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Opened by Robert A. Wilson (N6TV) - Sunday, 19 Aug 2007, 10:41am
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Win-Test isn\'t clearing $CORRECT if you press [F5][+] or [Insert][Esc][+] to resend the full and complete call sign (to override default SMARTCORRECT behavior for one QSO).

Case 1:

  2. MSGS, set [+]: $CORRECT TU $MYCALL
  3. Log F6FVX and press [Insert]
  4. Fill in the exchange
  5. Correct the call to F6FVY
  6. Press [F5] and immediately press [+]
  7. Bug: Win-Test sends F6FVY FVY TU ...

Case 2: 1. - 4. Same as above 5. Press [Insert], wait for call to finish sending, press [Esc] to halt CW at end of call, then immediately press [+] to send TU. 6. Bug: Win-Test sends F6FVY FVY TU ...

In sum, $LOGGEDCALL should be saved somewhere whenever it is done being sent. Then, just at the moment that $CORRECT will be sent, $CORRECT should be set to an empty string IF the callsign currently in the callsign field is identical to the saved value of $LOGGEDCALL. Otherwise, $CORRECT should be set to the appropriate prefix or suffix and sent.

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Comment by EA4TX - Pablo - Sunday, 9 Sep 2007, 8:44am

I can confirm the same point than N6TV. When F5 is sent, [+] key should be only: \"TU ...\" without the $CORRECT code.