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Task #113 — insert mode in RST window

Attached to Project— Win-Test
Opened by Werner Maier (dl4ner) - Wednesday, 1 Nov 2006, 12:06am
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normal behaviour: in Call Entry field there is Insert Mode on. in RST Entry field there is Overwrite Mode on.

This is an excellent setting for CQWW, where a zone is given, and normally preset and must be replaced only in rare cases.

In all contests with serial numbers, e.g. WAE, WPX, etc. I find it more useful, if there would be INSERT mode in RST field as well.

Background: if the other signal is week, and with QSB or QRM you hear only half of the serial, e.g. \"??13\". now you can type 13 [left] [left] and then complete the number, even if you hear only \"121?\" at the second time. In WAE I overwrote my number a coulple of times. :(

Maybe this behaviour should be set by Contest, or even better, by an option, so the operator could choose his preferred way.

73s de Werner DL4NER.

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