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Task #111 — running mark in status window, color codes

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Opened by Werner Maier (dl4ner) - Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006, 11:58pm
Feature Request
Status wnd (Alt-J)
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I\'d suggest some smaller improvements for the status window.

1) in writelog there is a \"R\" at the frequency if the station does \"run\" there. \"run\" is defined by having at least two QSOs on the same frequency, maybe interleaved with one qso (searching mults).

background: if you only have the status window, you don\'t see if the qrg of the second station is \"his\" qrg, or if the second station is just hunting a mult. If there were e.g. an asterisk \'*\' before the station type (R1, R2, etc.) then it would be easier to see, if the displayed qrg is the frequency where the second station is calling cq.

Suggestion: add an asterisk \'*\' before the station type in the following cases: - after the station presses F1 (cq) - after the station makes at least two QSOs on the same frequency. - after returning to the \"run\" frequency by ALT-F4 - (some other useful hints?) delete that asterisk immediately: - when the station leaves the run qrg.

2) color codes: maybe you could change the default color of RADIO1 to just the same color as QSY frequency or to DARK RED. We found it difficult to read that QRG as the it is difficult to find a color for the RADIO1-Frequency that is readable on light background (other stations) as well as on the dark background (own station). dark red seemed to be the best solution, so it could be default.

73s de Werner DL4NER.

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