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Task #104 — Required before adopting

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Opened by Ron (n6ee) - Sunday, 3 Sep 2006, 9:02pm
Feature Request
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WinTest is definitely looking good and I continue to consider it to replace Writelog as my main contest logger. I am very happy to see RTTY capability added. There are, however, several reasons why I still cannot adopt WinTest:

Contests required: California QSO Party ARRL Sweepstakes (not sure if WinTest already supports this) RTTY contests: ARRL RTTY ROUNDUP, WPX RTTY, CQ RTTY, NAQP RTTY, etc.

NA Sprint

Support for TopTen Band Decoder

And a tough, but mandatory, requirement for any serious RTTY contester: Support for K6STI RITTY (in addition to MMTTY).

Keep up the good work. I hope I am able to adopt WinTest in the future. 73, Ron N6EE

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Comment by F5MZN - Sunday, 19 Aug 2007, 9:46pm

NA Sprint, WPX RTTY, CQWW RTTY, NAQP RTTY, ARRL SS are implemented. CQP will be added as soon as possible. I keep this task opened for CQP remembering.

Comment by Robert A. Wilson - Sunday, 27 Apr 2008, 10:20am

The CQP Rules have JUST been changed to make it easier for Win-Test and other software to support it. The change will be officially announced on well before the 2008 CQP.

This is per the new CQP Chairman, N6RNO:

Stations operating from \"county lines\" may no longer send both counties as part of the exchange, and they will no longer count as double multipliers. A fixed station may sign one and only one 4-letter County abbreviation. It is no longer permitted for them to send a county line multiplier such as \"COLU/LAKE\" (for Colusa County and Lake County). They must chose one or the other.